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Source Questions (6/10)
a) Describe three functions of Parliament
b) With reference to the source, and your own knowledge, explain why government needs an effective Parliament
c) Analyse the main factors that limit the effectiveness of Parliament
Jan 2010
a) With reference to source, what changes to the second chamber are proposed?
b) With reference to the source, and your own knowledge, explain the arguments for a fully or partly elected chamber
c) Make out a case against an elected second chamber
Jan 2011
a) With reference to the source, describe two functions of the House of Commons
b) With reference to the source, and your own knowledge, explain how the House of Commons can control the power of government
c) To what extent is the House of Commons effective in carrying out its various functions?
May 2011
a) With reference to the source, describe three proposals that seek to strengthen parliamentary representation by increasing popular participation
b) With reference to the source, and your own knowledge, explain how three of these proposals seek to make government more accountable to Parliament
c) To what extent will the coalition government’s proposals bring about an effective reform of Parliament?
Jan 2012
a) With reference to the source, why are legislative committees needed?
b) With reference to the source, and your own knowledge, explain the ways in which backbench MPs can call government to account
c) To what extent has the formation of a coalition altered the relationship between Parliament and government?
Jan 2013
a) With reference to the source, outline two criticisms of David Cameron’s appointments to the House of Lords
b) With reference to the source and your own knowledge, explain three considerations that are taken into account when appointing Life Peers
c) Assess the arguments in favour of a largely...

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