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As Technology Develops, More Shopping and Business Is Done Through the Internet While Communication Face-to-Face Becomes Less Frequent. Is It Positive or a Negative Development?

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As technology develops, more shopping and business is done through the Internet while communication face-to-face becomes less frequent. Is it positive or a negative development?

Informational systems are improving very fast at present and they have become a relevant part in a modern person’s life. The one can buy items and deal by means of the World Wide. This phenomenon has harmed and profit consequences.

Above all, it is hardly to argue with statement that the natural people’s discussion cannot be replaced by a soulless machine. Furthermore, only speaking and keeping eye contact help to express full set of speaker’s feelings and emotions.

On the one hand, personally presence is the important part of business and buying process. The signature is required in every documents and wearing clothes is essential in shopping.

On the other hand, computer networks make possible finding and contacting suppliers and potential buyers in all over the world. As a consequence, it has extra opportunities for increasing a product sells. Besides, advertising by means of the Internet obtains the famous for company’s goods and reduces marketing costs.

Everyone having a bank account can purchase any goods which he/she is interested in by internet auctions. As great example might be demonstrated the website This service provides the chance to buy or to sell needed thing quick and simple. So, it made this e-market popular throughout the world.

Along with simplifying buying process, the access to World Wide resources saves time. For instance, searching or booking any ticket doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Thus, destroying limits as time and distance and making easier the trade, the modern information systems improve present economical and social...

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