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Off Grid Power Systems & Renewable Energy Resources
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Off Grid Power Systems & Renewable Energy Resources


With rapid digitalization, modernization and globalization, the technological market is taking over the world for securing a better future. Observing the current levels of environmental degradation across the globe and the depleting ozone layer, the world today is focusing on establishing better and innovative means to overcome such hindrances. The wide range of fuel required to generate electrical power through electrical grid systems overlaid across the globe are adding extensively to the rising concerns related to environmental issues. Electrical grid systems based on fossil fuels are adding up to the vast level of air pollution. Moreover, a large amount of cost is incurred each year in order to keep these power plants operational. They utilize a number of natural resources and can highly impact on land due to prolong mining processes supervised. On the other hand, Nuclear energy resources are resulting in producing a vast amount of radioactive waste leaving the world in a dilemma as in where to dispose the generated waste. The only options that are left now are to shift the perceptions towards acquiring innovative ways to accommodate and sustain renewable energy projects.

Research Statement

The following research proposal aims to analyze aspects related to generating relevant facts and figures of inducing renewable energy projects for off grid electric power systems as an alternative.


Literature Review

The concept of incorporating sustainable energy incorporates the utilization of renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, geothermal, energies in the form of hydroelectric power plants, wind panels, solar panels, artificial photosynthesis and...

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