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C H A P T E R NO 11 Training in Sports |

Meaning and Concept of Sports Training :- Training means a process of preparation for some particular task and Sports Training is a continuous & systematic process which based on scientific principles for preparing a sportsperson for the higher performance in the particular sports competitions . Systematic training improves the fitness level for their sports achievement . In order to achieve best results in sports , a systematic and regular training is necessary with the help of special rehabilitation treatment , use of extra training , extra competitions, assessment of performance , special nutrition and psychological training etc. So, we can say that Sports Training is a systematic and regular process which is generally used for long duration to get the highest performance in sports .

PRINCIPLES OF SPORTS TRAINING Sports training is a systematic process of preparing sportspersons for higher performance in sports . The whole process of training can be successful with the help of Sports Medicine , Sports Psychology , Sports Bio-mechanics , Sports Sociology , Exercise Physiology etc. The Important PRINCIPLES OF SPORTS TRAINING are described below for the proper formulation of the training process :- 1) The Principle of general and specific preparation:- General preparation serves as the base of specific preparation . As a matter of fact , the performance will be better if the base is better . General preparation increases the functional capacity of all the body systems and specific preparation is then further required to improve those systems and organs on which the performance of the sportspersons directly depends . 2) The Principle of Specificity :- This principle states that exercising or training a...

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