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Unit 3: Appropriate Access Controls for Systems, Applications, and Data Access

Learning Objective

 Explain the role of access controls in implementing security policy.

Key Concepts

 The authorization policies applying access control to systems, application, and data

 The role of identification in granting access to information systems

 The role of authentication in granting access to information systems

 The authentication factor types and the need for two- or three-factor authentication

 The pros and cons of the formal models used for access controls


 Kim and Solomon, Chapter 5: Access Controls.


Use the following keywords to search for additional materials to support your work:

 Biometrics

 Content Dependent Access Control

 Decentralized Access Control

 Discretionary Access Control

 Kerberos

 Mandatory Access Control

 Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (Radius)

 Role-Based Access Control

 Security Controls

 Secure European System for Applications in a Multi-Vendor Environment (SESAME)

 Single Sign-on

 Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System (TACACS)

Week 3
* Access Control Models

* Unit 3 Access Control Models (lT255.U3.TS2)


* Enable Windows Active Directory and User Access Controls


* Remote Access Control Policy Definition * Unit 3 Worksheet (On the website)


VM Farm Needed * Windows DHCP * (Instructor Runs) * Student VM * (Students Run individually) * Windows Target 01 * (Students Run individually)
Password ISS316Security

Unit 3 Discussion 1: Access Control Models

Learning Objectives and...

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