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Akij Food & Beverage Ltd.

Submitted to: 1st Supervisor Kohinur Akter 2nd Supervisor Sumon Paul Chowdhury Lecturer’s BRAC BUSINESS SCHOOL

Submitted by: Shariful Hasanul Huque


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Letter of Transmittal
May 10 ,2010 Ms.Kohinur Akter Lecturer BRAC Business School BRAC University. Subject: Submission of Internship Report. Dear Madam,

Here is my report on “Consumer perception & Brand positioning of O’POTATO chips in particular reference to AKIJ FOOD & BEVERAGE.”
It has been a pleasure as well as a challenge on my part to work on this report that has enabled me to know about Consumer perception & Brand positioning of O’POTATO chips. I wish you would be to kind to accept my Intern report and help me to complete my degree.

Sincerely, Shariful Hasanul Huque

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Acknowledgement First of all I would like to thank the All Mighty for helping and supporting us to solve the assignment in time. I would also like to thank Mr. Shafiqul Islam Tushar ( AGM Brand ),Maidul hossain (Brand Executive),Mainul huq (Brand officer),Tuhin Sultana (Brand officer),Shamol Halder(B.O),Tazul Islam(Event Head),Sanaul Sikder(E.M.O), and Sumit Chakrabarty (AMO) & zahidul islam(research officer) of Akij Food and Beverage Ltd. for providing me enough support and guidance to enrich my report. I also want to thank my supervisor Ms. Kohinur akther who has helped me in the preparation of this report. I am also grateful to my parents and all of my friends for their continuous support and to all those who have in some way contributed to the preparation of this report. Last but not the least; I am grateful to all the respondents...

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