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Question 2: What exactly is the “problem of evil”? What is the difference, if there really is any difference, between so-called “moral evil” and “natural evil”? How does John Hick, in his essay “Problem of Evil”, set about solving the problem of both “moral evil” and “natural evil”? Do you think that either, or both, of Hick’s solutions is really able to solve what appears to be an unique problem of evil in Arthur C. Clarke’s story, “The Star”?

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Brandon Keyes

The problem of evil can be looked at in a variety of perspectives, John Hick the author of “The Problem of Evil” states that “if God is perfectly loving, he must wish to abolish evil; and if he is all powerful, he must be able to abolish evil. But evil exists; therefore God cannot be both omnipotent and perfectly loving” (TP.64). Throughout this essay John Hicks’ solutions to the problem of evil will be analyzed and compared to the unique problem of evil in Arthur C. Clarke’s “The Star”. Another subject that will be deliberated on are the differences between moral evil and natural evil. Moral evil in general is wickedness and cruelty. God can be held indirectly responsible for this form of evil in the way that he created human, and humans cause wickedness and cruelty in almost all aspects of life whether it be towards others or self inflicted. On the other hand, God can be held directly responsible for natural evil which he has complete control of. Natural evil can be related to events such as a natural disaster or other actions which are out of human control. John Hick takes several approaches

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