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aqwqrqwerfqwerfqrfqfr lasjia ioa a a iah aihai apoihf api apihf aipfh apfapif apfapihf apif apihf pai pihf paihf paihf paihf paihf paif apf ao [spgsp psf psigh psi spgh spigh spigh spigh sig spsp sidh spig spihg spihg spi spihg sphg spihg sph spigh spigh spigh spigh spigh spigh spigh dpih spgh spigh spgh spgh spihg spihg sphg psihg psh 'pesf ah aoerh gaohg oaih gao aoih aoh gaoh g;aohg aohg ah gaoh gahg aidhg ahg aodfh odfh odfhg ahg a'ohg 'oh gaohg aohg aogh a'ohg aohg aohg aohg a'ohg MARKET - The ever-increasing bandwidth demand together with the growing level of competition continuously forces broadband access providers to improve the performance and efficiency of their infrastructure as well as their operational processes. LTE project will serve as the solution to this main challenge on the market.

The trend of growth of the communications sector reflects the general economic trends. Moreover, the percentage of growth of revenues in this sector is higher than GDP growth percentage and therefore, the portion of communications revenues in the GDP of the country has been increasing gradually.

Increase of general economic wellbeing of the population makes it possible for them to afford the satisfaction of their increased demand for communication services. This tendency brings in the increase of the market both in terms of per-subscriber revenues and in terms of number of subscribers.
Increased communication needs and increased mobility of population along with demand for high quality and reliable connectivity, not only in Tbilisi but also in Regions, gives room for new LTE development.

Introduction of LTE will totally change the way of communication. You don’t need cable and you don’t need to sit in front of your computer. You can access internet whenever and wherever you are.

Porter’s five forces analyses
Barriers of entry

Communication business...

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