Georgia Gwinnett College

School of Science and Technology

Cardio Kickboxing PHED 1090-08

Term and Year: Fall 2012

Professor: Mona Smith, MEd

Office: I 2134

Open Door Times: By mutual agreement of the student and the instructor

Professor’s Contacts: msmith11@ggc.edu, or preferably through D2L
678-429-2556 (cell)

Prerequisites: None

Course Location: F-2104, Aerobics room

Meeting Time: Thursday 3:30-4:45 pm

Course Description: This course will teach students the proper technique and fundamentals for cardio kickboxing and introduce them to a new form of lifetime aerobic activity, utilizing punches and kicks as well as improving their physical fitness. This course will also address all of the five components of fitness.

Required Textbook: No required textbook.

Course Format: Each class meeting will follow the format below:
▪ Introduction to basic skills, lecture on various material: 10 minutes
▪ Stretching/Warm-up: 10 minutes
▪ Cardio based activity: 45 minutes
▪ Cool Down/ Stretching: 10 minutes


Grading Scale: A 90 – 100 (Excellent) B 80 – 89 (Good)

C 70 – 79 (Fair) D 60 – 69 (Poor)

F below 60 (Failure)

|Assignment |Points |Assessment Tools |Due Date |
|Quizzes | 2@25 = 50 |Online assessment |Oct 4th and Nov 8th |
| | | |4:45 pm -4:45 pm the second day…...