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Formatting Guidelines for Authors

William A. White1 and Bruce C. Black2
1Corportation of Electronics Design and Test, City, Country
2Institute of System Applications,
University Name, City, Country,


These short guidelines illustrate the formatting of the DELTA Symposium paper and provide a template for each of the components. Included are layout information (margins etc), font and paragraphs, etc. Styles are supplied in the Word version of the template.

Keywords: format, layout, fonts, tables, figures, references


Authors are responsible for the quality of their paper and are kindly requested to strictly observe the following guidelines for the preparation and delivery of their camera-ready manuscripts. This will ensure that the proceedings has a consistent look from one paper to the next. We would ask you to assist us by following this template. Papers that do not adhere to these instructions may not be published. All submissions should be made electronically through the DELTA website In submitting an abstract the authors agree that, upon acceptance, they will prepare the final manuscript in time for the inclusion into the formal IEEE Computer Society published proceedings, and will present the paper at the Workshop. Final manuscripts will not be published without advance registration. Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by the Program Committee. While the paper may contain colour illustrations and images, it should be noted that the printed proceedings will be in black and white. It is the authors’ responsibility to ensure that the colour combinations used remain clear when reproduced in black and white. Please do not insert page numbers.


1 Page Formatting

The final document is to be provided in A4...

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