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Asignment2:You Are an Entrepreneur

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Diana Medina
Stayer University
ACC557-Financial Accounting
Professor Chambers
May 15, 2015


We decided to initiate a cleaning company under the name Cleaners D’Shining (CD’S). The company which counts with stuff who are highly trained and experienced will provide standard services that include general property cleaning, including offices, lobbies, and public areas. Detailed elevator cleaning, including tracks, walls, maintenance for resilient and non-resilient flooring, including: Tile, Ceramic, Granite, Concrete, Stripping, Waxing and Buffing floors, Hardwood floors maintenance, Carpet cleaning and shampooing, Interior and exterior window cleaning, Bathroom cleaning, disinfecting and provisioning and recycling services. We will be servicing the affluent commercial spaces primarily. These targeted customers will be willing to pay a premium for our service because of the high level of professionalism and trustworthiness that we offer, not replicated by any of our competition. We strive to be a leader using the latest technology and innovation to carry us into other areas such as new services or new automated equipment. We are committed to a safe work environment for all those employed. We believe growth is necessary to provide opportunities on an ever increasing scale for our people. Therefore, we are dedicated to profitable growth as a company, and growth as individuals. CD’S Cleaning Service's projected growth rate is high each year with profitable profit margins as a percentage of sales. CD’S will be a home-based business with Dianne Locker as the General Manager and Mary Stevens as the Operational Manager. The company gold is to hire six employees by the end of year one. This house cleaning business plan will help us to go through the startup phase and subsequent management of the business.
Company Summary
Cleaners D’Shining (CD’S)...

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