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2 aspects of the readings that I believed in were :

The first was from “I know what I want to say but u can’t say it”, this particular reading really spoke to me. There were points that told us to create outlines and make notes ,two practices that I am very familiar with as I use them for my writings.
The second is from ‘writing down the points’ , there is this instance where the author says “writing practice embraces your whole life and doesn’t demand any logical form”- this quote I found to be really relatable. I like writing , and I like writing for myself , there are times when I find my thoughts to be really all mixed up , in times like those I find just sitting down and putting those thoughts on paper to be really cathartic. It doesn’t matter what I write as long as I keep my conversation with my paper going.

The two aspects that I didn’t believe in were :

I am a pen and paper person , I really don’t like typing much , it’s the use of my hands , physical connect of the paper with my thoughts that matters , hence I think switching my writing tools , I believe it creates a kind of barrier to the flow of thoughts.
Neither do I believe in skipping parts in a write up , I believe it ends up messing up the continuity in my writings.

The two aspects that I found to be similar:

Both articles talk about a continuous practice of writing. They talk about how this practice helps in the continuous flow of thoughts and imagination that really helps.
Both articles also promote writing for the self, how writing in ones own style is important. They promote individuality and self expression. It is important to express who you are in your writing , as it is via your writing that you speak to the reader .

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