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1.1 Background
During the manufacturing of a product, the design stage act as an important role. Most of the product lifecycle cost is committed at the design stage. A good design will achieve great efficiency in term of cost and time. We can fix the problem at the design phase which means, least cost required to improve the product if we follow some guidelines.
Design For Manufacture (DFM) and Design For Assembly (DFA) are the general guidelines of product design for ease to manufacturing and assembly in industry. In the result make the product be productivity by identify inefficiency process and eliminate unnecessary part. The benefits of DFMA will be huge when it apply a mass production. Time and cost save by DFMA is countless from it start to applied worldwide until now.
In this project, we will use a common household appliances vacuum cleaner to show how the concepts of DFMA are applied by disassembly the whole product and analysis it.
1.2 Objective
To get familiar with the principles of DFMA and realised the importance by complete the project and practicing the application of DFMA.
1.3 Scope
This project will show the application of DFMA by comparing the guidelines to the product part, and also how will it benefit the production process by saving time and cost.
We will not insight about the method of manufacturing process and the cause of the materials chosen to manufacture the vacuum cleaner.

As an engineer, we must know the principle of DFMA let us be able to design a product which is productivity. With the product disassembly experiment with the vacuum cleaner, we realised that how the DFMA principles work on every part of the product. We know that if we want to design a product, we shouldn’t focus on the product’s function, also need to consider about it is ease to manufacture and assembly.
As the report mention, DFMA…...

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