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Asses the Significance of the Russian Revolution of 1905 on Government and Culture

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Asses the significance of the Russian Revolution of 1905 on Government and Culture

The significance of the Russian Revolution of 1905 had a dramatic affect on Government and culture.The Russian Revolution of 1905 forced Tsar Nicholas 2 to make radical changes to the way the Government was concerned, and is arguably the end of the autocracy. The Tsar had made concessions on allowing people the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of press. He also aloud a creation of a state Duma (Parliament) and that no law could be made without going through the Duma, and also the further development of universal franchise. This was all decided in the October Manifesto. These controls were mainly aimed for the Government side of things. The significance of the revolution had on culture was also a vast improvement than before. Education was now viewed as an important state action, and the fact that the Tsar no longer had absolute control of his subjects lives. Adding to this, the way the Russian Jews were treated and their behavior did also change due to the affects of the Revolution of 1905. Although the Tsar had made many concessions on his power control, he still had vast amounts of power in controlling the Russian Empire. He still had the power to dissolve Duma’s and the secret police was still a vastly strong force within the Empire. However the effects of the Russian Revolution of 1905 had a great impact on Government and on culture of the empire when compared to the way these area were concerned before the revolution.

The aftermath of the revolution changed much of the culture and the way Government was ran and operated. Tsar Nicholas 2 had agreed to create a state Duma (Parliament) where any laws had to be passed to come into affect. This was agreed within the October Manifesto, which states “It is established that no law can come into force without its…...

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