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Assess the Economy of Bangladesh as a Destination of Foreign Investment

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1. Introduction 1
2. Bangladesh: An Emerging Destination For Foreign Economy 1-10
3. Foreign Investment Opportunities 10-13
4. Current Situation Of Foreign Investment In Bangladesh: 13-19
5. Foreign Investment Trends In Bangladesh 20-34
6. Why Should Foreign Investors Invest In Bangladesh 35-39
7. How Can Our Government Come Forward To Attract Foreign Investors 39-46
8. Recommendation 47
9. Conclusion 48
10 References 48


Bangladesh is now trying to establish itself as the next rising star in South Asia for foreign investment. The government has implemented a number of policy reforms designed to create a more open and competitive climate for private investment, both foreign and local.

The country has a genuinely democratic system of government and enjoys political stability seen as a sine qua non for ensuring a favorable climate for investment and sustained development.

Bangladesh has been quick to undertake major restructuring for establishing a market economy, with the major thrust coming from the private sector. The country enjoys modest but steady economic growth. Its current development strategy is based on the premise that the creation and distribution of wealth occurs through the acceleration of growth driven by competitive market forces, with the government facilitating growth and making a clean break from the practices of a controlled economy where private investment is constrained. With this end in view. The government has been gradually withdrawing its involvement in this industrial and infrastructure sectors and promoting private sector participation.

Since Bangladesh followed a socialist economy by nationalizing all industries after its independence, a slow growth of experienced...

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