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Assess the Relative Importance of Named Players in the Global Supply of Energy.

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Assess the relative importance of named players in the global supply of energy. (15 marks)

Energy supply is the delivery of fuels or transformed fuels to point of consumption. It potentially encompasses the extraction, transmission, generation, distribution and storage of fuels. There are a number of players involved in global energy supply including TNCs (Transnational Corporations), organisations such as OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries), governments and consumers. All of these players are stakeholders in the energy market and have varying degrees of importance and influence.
Energy resources are not evenly distributed across the globe, certain factors such as geographic location/relief of the land, economic ability for extraction, technology available and demand for said resource. The Middle East and Africa are the richest regions in Oil, the Middle East, Europe and Eurasia are richest in gas, and North America, Pacific, Europe and Eurasia are richest in coal.
OPEC, the organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, is a very important player which controls the price and supply globally. It controls 3rd of the world's oil reserves, making it a very powerful player. It is a powerful cartel which has a lot of influence over global energy markets. It aims to regulate oil prices and make the price of oil more stable. However, it is accused of holding back oil in order to increase the price of oil. Dramatic rises in the price of oil from 2002 onwards were partially due to OPEC's reluctance to increase oil supplies. Furthermore, OPEC is important in the energy market as they are able to dictate who they supply too. However, there are some key energy-producing countries not involved in OPEC such as Russia and the USA which may mean they are less important – especially as Russia is major global player in energy supply.
GAZPROM, a Russian owned oil...

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