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There has been much debate in the media recently about whether or not to vaccinate your children. As a mother, it’s not something I ever gave much thought to, it was always just a part of the upbringing of my children that I would have them fully vaccinated, so I decided to do a little research on the pros and cons of childhood vaccinations.
The first website that I chose to look at was Australian Vaccinaton-Skeptics Network,au
This website has been up and running since 1994, and provides links to the latest news stories in regards to vaccinations, however, I found the latest news story they provided was from 30/01/2014. They are a membership run organisation who campaign for better research, better safety and support for people who have been negatively affected by vaccine use.
I found that this site was aimed at being ‘pro-choice’. They gave information about making an informed choice when it came to vaccinations. They provided detailed information about a wide range of vaccinations, such as HPV, Influenza, Polio and Meningitis.
I also found that vaccinations are not compulsory in Australia, something that I was not aware of, and that you can have your doctor sign a ‘conscientious objection form’ in order to be exempt and still be entitled to government benefits and child care rebates.
They also provide a wide range of external links in order to gain further information. They gave a list of government links, natural health links and vaccine safety links.
This particular website was based purely on written information and an option to leave a comment. However this was the only form of interaction on the site. I did find it to be very useful in the detail of information they provided.

The next website I chose to look at was Wikipedia.
Wikipedia was an interesting choice for...

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