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Assessment and Evaluation

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Chapter 15, states, “Adult and continuing education have use the terms assessment and evaluation interchangeably”; however, assessment and evaluation are two separate concepts. According to Angelo, Cross-, and Moran assessment within the classroom, refers specifically to the collection of information to measure learning gains, which indicate learners’ individual levels of achievement; whereas; Queeney referred to assessment from a programmatic perspective as more comprehensive measurement of achievement of the program itself. Assessment refers to the collection of information, and it measures levels of achievement without comparisons to a set of standards, however, I feel assessment is a process used to improve a result. Some of the functions of assessment used in the assessment process is screening, phase like, and continually measure student levels of skill or knowledge. The screening process helps determine what area the learner is suited for and will help determine the learner’s weakness (if they need other assistance to help improve where they are). Baselines in the function process of the assessment are for evaluating and designing learning interventions, teaching method, program standards and policies, furthermore, assessment have various methodologies to select the method that would be most appropriate for their need. Although there are several definitions of evaluation, Stufflebeam and Shinkfield gives an extended definition of evaluation, it is the systematic assessment of an object’s merit, worth, probity, feasibility, safety, significance, and/or equity. Therefore, my thoughts on evaluations is measuring the performance to see if programs are funded; because of implementing the evaluation and based on the quality of the outcome, there is judgment, whether; the program is working effectively, good quality or bad quality the program is not working…...

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