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Assessment Methods

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Why do we assess? Petty describes assessment ‘in the right hands, assessment can inspire, motivate and provide the feedback which is essential for targeting prompt corrective help’ Petty G, (2001) When an assessment is given it’s purpose is to assess either the students understanding of the subject matter or their application of the knowledge they have acquired.

Rowntree further describes the framework of assessment under five headings or dimensions. Namely:

Why assess? Deciding why assessment is to be carried out; what effects or outcomes it is expected to produce.

What to assess? Deciding, realising or otherwise coming to an awareness of what one is looking for, or remarking upon, in the people one is assessing.

How to assess? Selecting, from among all the means we have at our disposal for learning about people, those we regard as being most truthful and fair for various sorts of valued knowledge.

How to interpret? Making sense of the outcomes of whatever observations or measurements or impressions we gather through whatever means we employ; explaining, appreciating, and attaching meaning to the raw ‘events’ of assessment.

How to respond? Finding appropriate ways of expressing our response to whatever has been assessed and of communicating it to the person concerned (and other people). Rowntree D, (1991)

These headings as provided by Rowntree will be used to critically analyse the assignment used for the purpose of this module assignment.

This assignment is entitled, “Assignment 1 Transmission Systems”, and was provided as part of the National Diploma in Engineering. It was given to a mixed group of first year National Diploma learners, who were approximately a quarter of the way through their first years study.

The purpose of this assignment was to assess the student’s knowledge of the…...

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