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Assessment of Financial Situation

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Cancer and its treatment can leave a survivor with a need to review current and future financial goals. Events such as illness, disability, employment changes and investment disappointments can affect your personal and financial well-being. An assessment of your situation can help define your present financial status as well as prepare for future planning, saving, spending and dealing with financial emergencies. Preparation for changes and challenges to finances can contribute to increased financial security.
Assessing and Managing Your Financial Situation: Detailed Information
This information is meant to be a general introduction to this topic. The purpose is to provide a starting point for you to become more informed about important matters that may be affecting your life as a survivor and to provide ideas about steps you can take to learn more. This information is not intended nor should it be interpreted as providing professional medical, legal and financial advice. You should consult a trained professional for more information. Please read the Suggestions and Additional Resources documents for questions to ask and for more resources.
Cancer and its treatment can leave a survivor with need to review current and future financial goals. Dealing with financial matters might seem overwhelming. However, an assessment of your current situation can help define your present financial status, as well as prepare for future needs. Planned spending may help you avoid financial problems and be better prepared to deal with unexpected emergencies.
As a survivor, you are likely to be very aware of how quickly and unexpectedly life can change. Events such as illness, treatment, medical costs, changes in employment, the birth of a child, inflation or investment losses can...

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