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Assessment of the Child: Functional Health Assesment

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Defining the Difference between Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing

While nursing degrees and the competencies of each are very different, all nurses are professional and have the same opportunities in nursing school to demonstrate professional behaviors (Moore, 2009). In clinical practice at all levels of nursing students have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills, and a value system for care of patients (Oermann, 1988).

There are in fact distinct differences between the Associate Degree Nurse and the Baccalaureate Degree Nurses. According to Taylor (2008) “For those who argue that a nurse with an associate’s degree has enough education, consider that nurses prepared at the graduate level demonstrate a significant difference in competency compared to nurses with associate degrees. The previous is supported by a study published in 2003 that clearly identified a relationship between higher degrees of nursing education and proven better patient outcomes (ie, lower mortality rates, failure-to rescue rates)” ( p. 612-613). The main difference is the emphasis that is put on additional education in leadership and management, wellness and community nursing. The BSN provides nurses with a vast knowledge for promoting health, disease prevention, disease prevention and risk reduction. . The BSN nurse has more opportunities to work in many health care areas allowing for opportunities for professional growth. The BSN degree focuses on the emphasis of evidenced-based clinical practice and leadership. Thus allowing for more career opportunities, more responsibility and career growth (Moore, 2009). The BSN nurse is able to provide a more comprehensive physical assessment and use evidenced –base practice for improved and better patient outcomes. The Baccalaureate Degree prepares its students for graduate studies. The BSN degree requires more credit…...

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