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Assessment and Analysis of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Assessment and Analysis of Cedar Rapids, Iowa Nurses assess patients to evaluate their health status. Assessments help to discover health problems, areas that need improvement, and at risk health concerns. The data is then analyzed and used in planning and implementing effective nursing care. The health status of a community is evaluated by community health nurses. The community is defined with three critical components: people, place, and social interactions or common characteristics, interest, or goals (Maurer & Smith, 2009). To assess a community the nurse then needs to assess the people in a particular place along with their social interactions or common characteristics, interest, or goals (Maurer & Smith, 2009) which can also include: Geopolitical data, Phenomenological data, social interactions, goals, beliefs, and functional health assessment. In this paper we will example how a community health nurse would compile and collect the data needed to assess a specific community. Cedar Rapids, Iowa is a community that is without a doubt, unique. The people of Cedar Rapids are described to be “pushy”, often even aggressive. This personality could result from the election officials pushing people to pay attention to poll changes. The changes to local precincts came about because of the 2010 census and population shifts around Marion and Cedar Rapids. County officials went through a redistricting process, changing precinct boundaries and polling sites (Kasparie, 2012). Other than that, most of the people in Iowa are described as friendly, hardworking people. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Cedar Rapids had 126,326 people living within the city limits in 2010. Of that population 5.6% was African American, 0.3% American Indian and Alaska native, 2.2 Asian, 2.9% persons reporting two or more races, 3.3 Hispanic or Latino, and 86% White non-Hispanic person (U.S. Census Bureau, 2012). There are many different geopolitical features in Cedar Rapids. One of these features is the Cedar River which divides the community from east to west. Another geopolitical feature would be the Mays Island. Cedar Rapids is divided into four quadrants all except Mays Island located in the middle of the Cedar River. Fourteen zip codes make up the four different quadrants. The four quadrants are North East, North West, South East, and South West. Social interactions in Cedar Rapids take on a wide variety. The community is involved heavily with sports, especially baseball. They are also into ice hockey as well. The citizens are very active within the community as well. They take on many outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and biking. The community enjoys staying fit together. Common goals within the community vary. The community is very interested into staying shape. As stated before, they are very active and participate in activities such as jogging and hiking. The community is also very into fine arts. Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra and the Theatre Cedar Rapids perform both at the historic Paramount Theatre and Brucemore. Cedar Rapids also has the National Trust Historic Site, among others historic sites. They participate in fine arts. The residents there are known for their plays, dramas, music, and artwork. Cedar Rapids has faced many challenges and barriers throughout its existence. During the Iowa flood of 2008, the Cedar River reached a record high of 31.12 feet on June 13, 2008; the previous record was 20 feet surpassing the 500-year flood plain. 1,126 city blocks were flooded, or more than 10 square miles, 561 city blocks were severely damaged, on both banks of the Cedar River. This is 14% of the city's total area. There were a total of 7,749 flooded properties that had to be evacuated, 5,900 were homes, and 310 were city facilities including the City Hall, Central Fire Station, Main Public Library, Ground Transportation Center, Public Works building, and Animal Control building. It is estimated 1300 or more properties are to be demolished in the Cedar Rapids area because of the flood (A Corridor Recovery Site, 2012). Cedar Rapids values and admires its cultural and industrial heritage such as its historical neighborhoods, immigrant past, artistic community, and agricultural foundation. With 5,000 works of art the Cedar Rapids Museum of art is an important part of the cultural life (Cedar Rapids: Recreation). The Museum has a strong collection of early twentieth century paintings, Malvina Hoffman sculptures, and Regionalist art from the 1930s and 1940s (Cedar Rapids: Recreation). Cedar Rapids contains the African American Historical Museum and Cultural Center of Iowa (Cedar Rapids: Recreation.) These two became part of Cedar Rapids art culture in 2003. Throughout the city concerts and shows can be enjoyed. International performance groups can be seen in the U.S. Cellular Center along with other performances. The community has an 11-day freedom festival that celebrates our nation’s independence which includes more than 75 events for all age groups that begins in the month of June and culminates with fireworks on the 4th of July. In Cedar Rapids, IA 52.71% of people are religious. Catholics consist of 23.77% whereas 0.66% is Latter-day Saints (LDS.) The rest of the percentage is divided as such: 6.1% belong to another Christian faith, 0.20% is Jewish, 0.03% is an eastern faith and 0.61% is Islam (Religion in Cedar Rapids). Cedar Rapids health care needs are met by the St Luke’s hospital and Mercy Medical Center here in Cedar Rapids Iowa. The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics also meet the needs of residents, located 25 minutes away in Iowa City. The health department conducts campaigns and clinics for immunization status updates. Cedar Rapids fire department provides protection to over 1200 citizens and they have special operations, prevention programs, and hazardous material teams for the community (Cedar Rapids Fire Department.) The fire department and police departments conduct annual hero’s safety camp for children and also have recognition award ceremonies. This community is very interested in maintaining health and staying fit. General health care of this community consist of illness, immunizations, gynecological exams, breast exams, family planning, birth control, communicable disease investigation, and primary care for uninsured patients. Reproductive health care is provided as parenting, academic, fitness, personal relations, prenatal classes, pregnancy test, nutritional and maternal health programs, comprehensive child health programs, emergency contraception, and education counseling. Cedar Rapids has many eye and dental care resources available as well (Cedar Rapids Health Resources). Community Health Need Assessment and Health Improvement Plan (CHNA & HIP) completed by Cedar Rapids in the spring of 2005 had set overweight, nutrition, physical activity and other closely related factors as the top health priorities (Iowa's Comprehensive Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan). Obesity and overweight affects 61.6% of adults in Cedar Rapids (Source: IDPH 2004 BRFSS Synthetic Estimates). Most popular food items are fried foods, chicken, pork fish, beef, macaroni and anything cooked in grease or butter. Though vegetables are included in the diet, not all of the five servings are regulary eaten (Iowa’s Comprehensive Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan). Easy access to many junk food items and decreased physical activity contributes to the obesity. Cedar Rapids has no evidence of bowel or bladder disturbances. Health care providers are following universal precaution practices. The environmental health concern is with the air quality index. Cedar Rapids air quality index is 23.8% greater than the Iowa average and 8.1% greater than the national average (Cedar Rapids Health and Safety: Air Pollution). The Pay-as-you-throw program for waste disposal was created to equally distribute the cost of the waste. This program was created to encourage households to recycle. Each house is allowed a 35 gallon or 40 pound weight max for waste. If the house has more waste they have to have tags costing $1.25 to have extra bags picked up (Cedar Rapids Health and Safety: Air Pollution). Playing, swimming and running are favorite activities for children while adults favor more sports such as basket ball and walking is preferred by older adults. The community has robust trail systems, bike lanes, and numerous golf courses, parks, and pools. Cedar Rapids has many gyms scattered throughout the city that include: Gold’s Gym, YMCA, Midwestern Athletic Club, and Northland Fitness. One of the major barriers of physical activities is cost, lack of interest, and lack of knowledge about exercises. According to the fifth annual “All America’s State Driver’s Report”, Cedar Rapids is ranked as the fourth safest city in which to drive. Cedar Rapids has a sleep health center to diagnose and treat sleep related disorders however no clinical evidence found related to sleep health. Sleep problems are part of any community and it may be linked to obesity. People in Cedar Rapids are very active and interact well in the community. Energy level is adequate in Cedar Rapids Iowa. The crime rate in Cedar Rapids is higher than the national average across the communities in America (42 crimes per 1,000 residents). The crime rate in Cedar Rapids is higher than 97% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes. Based on FBI data Cedar Rapids is not one of the safest communities in America (Cedar Rapids Crime Rate and Statistics- Neighborhood Scout). 94% of the Cedar Rapids population uses English as their language. The second most language used is Spanish, and German is third most used. Cedar Rapids has 2 year and 4 year colleges. Kirkwood community college is one of the largest 2 year schools with 15,241 student’s enrolled (Find the Best College 2012). Mount Mercy College and Coe College are two examples of 4 years colleges available to Cedar Rapids students. The University of Iowa is also another choice for students located in Iowa City. From a tiny village Cedar Rapids has grown into the second largest city in Iowa. In 1840 the village had only a few hundred people compared to today’s 126,326 total. Cedar Rapids is uniquely full of history, innovation, and character making it a unique place to live, visit, and experience. The Median age is 35.3 years (History of Cedar Rapids). People in Cedar Rapids enjoy staying in shape. Physical fitness is important for the people in Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids equal opportunity is maintained and no discrimination against skin color, race, and ethnicity is noted in the community life even though the majority of the population is white non-Hispanic. About 8% of the population lives in poverty. Many residents receive family investment programs and food stamps. School have free and reduced price lunches for family that are in need. Jane Boyd is a non-profit organization in Cedar Rapids that provides many educational and after school activities to the youth in need. The program has after school care, summer day camps, and other activates that will challenge children to take initiative to build self-confidence ( 2011). Family Health services are provided for contraceptive methods, maternal health, and infant health by many organizations in Cedar Rapids such as: Planned Parenthood, WIC program, and Bridge Haven Pregnancy Support Center. 42.8% of people in Cedar Rapids are married couples that live together (History of Cedar Rapids). People are engaged in lots of outdoor activities to help manage stress. At times in Cedar Rapids this method is not advised due to the below zero temperatures. Drug and alcohol is another means of managing stress for individuals. The use of drugs and alcohol is Cedar Rapids Iowa continue to increase causing the need for more effective drug and alcohol rehab centers. Marijuana is also readily available throughout Cedar Rapids (Cedar Rapids). Cedar Rapids experienced a major stressor with the 2008 Flood. The city’s flood management strategy adopted methods to improve the flood protection. This included constructing a permanent flood wall and pursuit of improved sate watershed management policies (Cedar Rapids). Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a generally healthy community. It is a large community with people of various ethnicities and backgrounds. The community enjoys arts of all kinds and is known for their dramas, music, and artwork. The people also share an interest in being outdoors and participate in many sports such as baseball. The history of Cedar Rapids shows all the hardships this community has been through, including the Iowa flood of 2008. There are many schools and colleges in this area. There are also many hospitals and healthcare facilities to meet the healthcare needs of all of the community members. According to this functional health assessment, it has been found that there are three main problems, which are obesity and overweight, alcohol and drug use, and a higher than the national average crime rate. The nursing diagnoses for this community are ineffective health maintenance evidenced by increased body weight related to diet and lack of physical activity, ineffective coping as evidenced by drug and alcohol use related to stress management, and increased fear of crime related to higher than average crime rates. By addressing these problems, a community health nurse can help Cedar Rapids, Iowa become a better and more exceptional community, making it a healthier and safer place for all of its members.

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