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Infection control An Infection ? A disease caused by an organism which can be transmitted from one host to another for an example virus.
A Control? To take over something and to limit or destroy
Infection control? This is what’s going be explained further here in this assignment. Controlling a infection major n must thing once it to an organization such as a hospital hence it can affect many thing in many way , hence if a infection such as a virus is spreads in a ward in the hospital can infect the other patients on no time therefore controlling an infection is must and a major duty to be done by the health care workers therefore these worker should be advocated by professionals for the elimination of a simple infection because it’s the health care workers who involves spreading an infection most of the time not that they do it by purpose but with too much of work load and stress full days there are high chances and risks where they can help a infection to spread since they deal with patients more often therefore it’s a must that they should be more educated on this and its recommended that workshops and audits every month which can help to change the situations where they learn how to prevent a infections such as a viruses to be stop, well this is not only affect the hospital and the patient but it can also affect the country too where immigrations will be restricted because disease can be spread to other countries too, where it will harm them in economical ways where the country will have to face more difficulties in the financial ways and a long stays in a hospital affects the hospital badly and the patient . And such infections that’s are being spread through a hospital is known as a hospital acquired infections (HAIs).further down in this assignments it will be explaining about how HAIs can affect a patient and the country. Health care-associated infections, or infections acquired in health-care settings are the most common undesirable event in health-care delivery global. • Hundreds of millions of patients are affected by health care-associated infections worldwide each year, leading to important mortality and economical losses for health systems. • Of every 100 hospitalized patients at any given time, 7 in residential and 10 in developing countries will acquire at least one health care-associated infection, (WHO)

In 2011, an estimated 722,000 patients contracted an infection during a stay in an acute care hospital in the US, and about 75,000 of them died as a result of it. (Meracola Dr. Mercola) with the intention of amounts to just over 205 deaths from hospital-acquired infections each day of the year! More than half of all hospital-acquired infections were slender outside of the intensive care unit. The most common hospital-acquired infections include: * Central line-associated bloodstream infections * Catheter-associated urinary tract infections * Surgical site infections after surgery * Clostridium difficile infections
All these listed types of infections are also known as the nosocomial infections and they can be by bacteria, fungal, viral and parasitic they are transmitted by droplets, airborne vectoborne. So if a patient is infected by either ways by their stay in the hospital it will affect the wellbeing of the patient since the patient came for another treatment and eventually gets infected by a nosocomial infections. How does it really affect the wellbeing of a patient? long stay in a hospital can leads to depression, which Is really bad where the patient will be feeling loneliness and this could result in psychological ways and it can lead the patient to mentally stress because the long stay of patients means a lot in many ways, patient will have to suffer more his health conditions will turn bad he might lose his job therefore there will be no income to the family if he’s the one earning, have to pay for the hospital.
5 costliest hospital-acquired infections
Together, these five cost the nation $9.8 billion annually
Average cost per case

Zimlichman et al. in JAMA Internal Medicine; Zimlichman et al. ( is external))
As you can see above and as its mentioned before also the types of nosocomial infections its really costly if a normal local patient had to go through one of these the patient will no only be suffering for pain of the infection but also for pain in the heart because though he’s in the hospital he will be thinking how pay such a huge amount which got to him through the hospital but still the patient got to pay the bill(referring if the patients is the only one who is earning) just imagine what will happen to the quality of life of the patient and he would spent the most valuable time in the hospital this is all because the poor safety of the hospital if the health care worker are careful enough and more skilled with experience they will not harm any patients because most of the time all this nosocomial infections are transmitted through a health care worker while assessing a patient because some health care worker have to assess multiple patients therefore the risks of spreading a infections is very easily and the patient will not take more time to get infected because anyways the patients’ immune system is low therefore its even more higher the changes for infection to infect in a very fetal way. Therefore all this can affect the wellbeing, the quality of health and the quality of care of a patient. Therefore it’s the duty of health care worker to stop spreading these infections and trying to control them rather letting down a patient.
Hospital acquired infection can effect a country badly it’s a huge burden to the country . because this can have negative effect on tourism , when the rate of immigration becomes less to a country it can have shortage of income to many people and organization who depends on tourist therefore where they will go down from their normal income rate which eventually makes them stressed and depressed on and over it.
The other main thing that affect a country when it specially comes to government sector if the rate of acquired infection rate is increased with an hospital , the hospital will run out of bed which will make the other patients to suffer and then government have to invest a lot on to those who admitted and the health care workers will have more work and excessive work and over time work can risks their lifes too and more mistakes can be performed.
Surveillance systems for healthcare-associated infections exist in several high-income countries, but are practically non-existent in most low- and middle-income countries, says Allegranzi. Avoidance measures include remoteness, environmental cleaning, sterilization and disinfection, infectious waste disposal, and specific measures for injection safety. Another significant factor in the multiply of these infections is anti-microbial resistance, as healthcare-associated pathogens frequently carry patterns of multi-drug resistance known to bring more virulence. (the global journal) therefore when the patient are resistance on anti-microbial drugs micro-biologist have to invent and research on to more effective drugs and for that the country have to invest it might costly and if it was a low income country it will be difficult to perform for researching and invent new drugs. So HAIs is huge burden to the global.
Therefore this spreading of hospital acquired infections should be controlled at least to a certain level in means for the protection of the patients and for the status of the country hence to reduce the nosocomial infections spreading for this proper avocations are needed to be implemented for the health worker especially because the impact on the infections are really brutal. And the specially nurses should be more carefully while assessing several patients at the same shit hence the chance of transmitting a infection so is very easy if the nurse isn’t careful enough and nurses should be given over time work and they should be given only 2 or 3 patients to assess and they should know how to use drugs on patients without making it resistance because if it gets resistance the country will have to invest more money on that too there trying to reduce the hospital acquired infections cant be done alone it’s a team work if every one works together it help to reduce the risks and the burden.
References,. (2016). Control of Health-Care--Associated Infections, 1961--2011. Retrieved 2010, from,. (2016). Hospital-Acquired Infections | Managed Care Magazine Online. Retrieved 21 June 2014, from,. (2016). 1 in 25 Patients End Up with Hospital-Acquired Infections. Retrieved 9 April 2014, from
Ozer, B., Ozbakıs Akkurt, B., Duran, N., Onlen, Y., Savas, L., & Turhanoglu, S. (2011). Evaluation of nosocomial infections and risk factors in critically ill patients. Med Sci Monit, 17(3), PH17-PH22.,. (2016). Nosocomial Infections: Impact on Patient Care. Retrieved 28 March 2003, from,. (2016). The Global Burden of Healthcare Associated Infections | The Global Journal. Retrieved 2008, from

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