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If I was assigned a task of determining whether a procedure could be assigned to nursing staff, I would begin by referring to hospital policy. Hospital policy is there to guide and to protect nurses in the hospital system. These policy and procedures are created by nurses with legal and administrative representatives. If this new task had not been addressed in previous policies I would conduct a self-assessment with regards to my own skills and abilities, and my documented competency to perform the task. To do this I would refer to the laws, rules and standards of care within my facility and also the state board of nursing scope of practice. If there was any question that the skills needed to perform the procedure is out of our scope of practice, I would express concern to the appropriate supervisor.
If it is determined the procedure follows the guidelines set out by the board of nursing, I would proceed in obtaining as much information as possible from others with experience in the task. I would research the topic and review other hospital policy and procedures to see what role their nurses play in the task. I would communicate with the doctor, asking him to clarify his expectations of the nursing staff. I would talk with my peers and get their ideas of what kind of educational opportunities they would require to be safe and proficient in the skill. I would provide written documentation of competency for each individual and specific written orders
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