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Garmin Analysis: Looking To The Future
Kimberly Moore-Hobbs
Dr. Steven Tippins
JWI 530 Jack Welch Management Institute

In marketing, my role is to develop a plan to monopolize the GPS market and decrease threats that enter the industry to sabotage our product of GPS. In this case study, I will reveal the opportunity of NPV, ROIC, and ROE in which will build revenue for the company. My capital will compromised by inquiring capital by an outside source. I will develop a strategy, which will include acquisition, research that will grow the needs of the company. The segment of my company, which is fitness aviation and marine units, will deteriorate. In 3 years time I will disinvest the non-core operation (3 million dollars) and receive a cash bonus of 500 million dollars. My automotive segment will rapidly decline. The competitor which is the smart phone, with there 65 billion industry and is growing at a steady rate of about 20% a clip will decrease my profit shares to zero. Garmin is fighting against it competitor the smart phone and the brand name that support smart phone such as Apple, Blackberry, Google, Nokia and HTC.I will reanalyze the ramification of the capital structure of Garmin. I will forecast a projection that will develop an appropriate financial method that increases revenue. My plan will include excess cash that result in positive benefits in cash flow.

Garmin Analysis: Looking To The Future
Financial statements Garmin has a strong Income, Balance, Cash flow statement. The company cash flow from operations allow for self-funding or important marketing initiatives. Henceforth, Garmin can use the capital to attack the smart phone market. Increasing the volume of Personal Navigation Devices market, (PND) Garmin can qualify for component rebates supporting gross margins. The balance sheet indicates no debt. The company…...

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