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• Describe your park.
Marquam Nature Park starts at Willamette Park, passes over Council Crest, and connects with the Wildwood Trail in Washington Park. It is a managed park and is well taken care of.
Where is it located?
It is located in Portland on SW Marquam St & Sam Jackson Park Rd.
• Size?
The park is 178.25 Acres.
• Predominant flora and fauna?
The dominant flora and fauna are Douglas fir, western hemlock, red cedar, and big leaf maples. Others seen along the trails are Himalayan Blackberries, Moss/Lichen, English ivy,
Giant Horsetail, Herb Robert and Sword Fern.
• What is your hypothesis?
Invasive plants are more likely to crop up on paved pathways than on dirt pathways because of human contact and interaction.
• Why is it an important question to study?
It is important to study because invasive species introduction causes harm to the native plants around them. They are outside of their natural distribution area, and secondly, threaten biological diversity.
• What do you hope to determine?
My group hopes to determine whether invasive species are more dominant on paved paths than on dirt footpaths, we assume they are dominant on paved paths because humans use paved paths more often than dirt footpaths and cause greater disturbances in those areas.
• How does your question relate to biodiversity?
Our question relates to biodiversity because invasive species destroy biodiversity of native plant species and discovering just which invasives they are could help rid them from the park, or at the very least, stop their spread to unaffected areas.
• What did you specifically do to collect your data to assess your hypothesis?
My group and I went down several different paved and dirt…...

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