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Assignment 1 Tech 401

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Assignment 1
Technology and Management
TEC/401 Human Factors of Technology
Professor Howard Taylor
Esau Leal

Technology/Management Technology management (TM) for companies is about sustaining and improving a company’s competitiveness in the long-term; being able to think out-side-the-box of what will be the new best thing before its competitor. There are three main aspects that fall underneath the umbrella of TM, leadership, motivation of employees, and last appropriate management technology. A company’s goal of what they have in mind for TM is to create a synergy among all factors (i.e. research, development, planning, engineering, machines, software, productions, and communications) to make them countersink together in the most effected and efficient way to produce revenue for the business in the long term. In the current day, businesses have to express their innovational side, being able to introduce new products and services in the marketplace, and to make process innovation to improve their business performance. There are many and drastic changes that are happening in the business world that companies have to be willing to take risk and find opportunities, in the mind set of achieving their goal of improving the business.

Personal Experience Previously I was employed by Office Depot of where I held a position of being a Store Manager. Technology at Office Depot played a vital role year round, from training the employees, services that we provided to the customer, new products, and its systems in general. We were always changing; taking risk of what will improve the overall business. As a Store Manager I was obligated to make sure my team and I gave “World Class” customer service to both internal and external customers. A great example of a service that we provided was Tech Services; this service was always tweaked (to be better)...

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