Assignment 2: Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition

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Name of the Organization

The organization I selected is McDonalds. It is known to be a fast-food company. A business that

primarily sells fast-food such as hamburgers, chicken nuggets, wraps salads, smoothies, fries,

and ice-cream. This marketing plan for McDonalds is supposed to be developed for the company

and to carry upon business practices in a justified manner. Basically, McDonalds marketing

plan is position for the company to be made supported by the well-versed and such defined plan.

The mission of the company is to become the customer’s favorite place and way to eat.

To be the best they will give great quality, service, cleanliness, and value. The growth will

show the way the company aims more on offering customer’s with such superlative products and



The vision of the company is to maintain its position in the fast-food industry. For this,

the company forms an effective connection with the suppliers to make the product

flow proper. They are committed to their people as well. This leads to making situations highly

effectived and better than before, because they like to see their customers smile in any way


Value Proposition

The value proposition for the organization is to maintain an effective connection with the

stakeholders. The view of the company, the customer’s requirements matters the most. In

addition to this, the company believes in adopting such system that leads to hopeful resultants. It

seems to be very much effective. The organization follows ethical approaches…...