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Assignment 2 Technical Writing

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Chapter 1 Quiz

Indicate whether statements 1–5 are TRUE or FALSE by writing T or F in the blank.

1. _______ Most workplace documents are created by individuals working alone.

2. _______ Technical documents are almost always designed for expert readers.

3. _______ Effective communicators “let the data speak for themselves.”

4. _______ The more you advance in your profession the more your ability to communicate is likely to become essential.

5. _______ Direct, straightforward communication is valued by all cultures.

6. _______ Electronic communication is replacing paper documents in the workplace.

Complete the following statement.

7. A computer can transmit data, but it cannot give ___________________ to the information.

In items 8–10, choose the letter of the expression that best completes each statement.

8. _______ A technical document focuses on (a) the needs of the audience, (b) the writer’s feelings, (c) both the needs of the audience and the writer’s feelings, (d) marketing, or (e) none of these.

9. _______ An effective technical document is based on (a) intuition, (b) usable information, (c) the writer’s deepest impressions, (d) inspiration, or (e) none of these.

10. _______ The information in a technical document must be (a) entertaining, (b) accessible, (c) confidently judgmental, (d) prosaic, or (e) none of these.

Chapter 2 Quiz

Indicate whether statements 1–7 are TRUE or FALSE by writing T or F in the blank.

1. _______ Primary and secondary audiences read technical documents for different reasons.

2. _______ When unable to identify all members of an audience, you should aim at the least specialized members.

3. _______ Primary audiences usually expect a semi technical message.

4. _______ Information needs may be culturally determined.

5. _______ Audience analysis is only necessary when the document...

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