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Assignment 3 - the Impaired Employee and Liability

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The Impaired Employee and Liability
Shontae Brown
May 13, 2012
Dr. David Tataw
HSA 515

Identify and explain at least three ethical considerations. 1. If the company decides to hire the candidate solely based on the fact that they have a condition that could result into a disability; that would be considered unethical. The company could be trying to make their company image better by employing more persons with disabilities. 2. If the candidate worked for one of our competitors in the past, it would be unethical of us to hired them just based on that reason alone.
Identify and explain at least three the legal considerations. 1. If they hire this candidate and then want to later fire them, they can only fire them under three conditions. The termination must be unrelated to the disability. The employee does not meet legitimate requirements for the job, such as performance or production standards, with or without reasonable accommodation. The employee’s disability poses a direct threat to health or safety in the workplace. If these are not followed then the company could face legal actions. (Fire 2020) 2. If the company decided not to hire the candidate based on the fact of his possible disability then the candidate could file a lawsuit against the company for not hiring him based on the fact that he disclosed that information during his interview. Identify and explain at least three business considerations. 1. When the search committee decides on the candidate to choose, they will need to verify if the candidates disability affect their work. This can mean how much the candidate will be absent from work due to doctors visits or illness related to the disability. 2. The company will have to verify how much they will have accommodate the employee in regards to their disability. This could be that they may have to invest in…...

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