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Does anyone know of Warren Buffett's success stems from passion and bitterness? According ranked by Forbes billionaire Warren Buffett is the second richest in the world with assets of nearly $ 50 billion. The success of the investment, especially about his stock investment has become legendary and it is difficult to list them. Books written a lot about the way to get rich billionaire genius this. Not that the fortune of meeting time, the building is now that he is so talented, passion and extraordinary efforts. Warren Edward Buffett was born August 30, 1930 in Omaha Nebraska United States, was the second child in the family and is the only son. His mother is a petite woman and vivacious, caring family and very good with numbers. His father was a very nice but also very serious and was a stockbroker who is also a lawmaker. Both Buffett family business has financial stocks, but spending their money is always prudent with the motto is "Beware that capital"
When just a boy, he showed surprising aptitude for both money and business investment. The acquaintance tells us that he has a strange ability to mentally calculate the number n the first row - a possibility that Warren continues to surprise his colleagues later. As a child he and a friend used to sit afternoon porch record number plates of the cars passing by. At night, the two boys often open favorite newspaper and count each word appeared many times and fill dense book numbers. Five years old, he opened a booth to sell gum on the sidewalk of her home to sell to neighbors and passersby. Next you sell lemonade, but in a busy street and more robust. When Buffett to 6 years old, his father take him for the first time on vacation. At the resort, He used 25 cents to buy a barrel of Coca Cola 6 boxes from the grocery store's grandfather and resale price 5 cents per box for guests to earn 5 cents interest. After the...

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