Assignment on Mobile Commerce in Bangladesh

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Assignment on “Mobile Commerce in Bangladesh’’

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Date of submission: 30th November, 2012

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Rakibul Hoque
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Subject: Prayer for submission of Mobile Commerce in Bangladesh.
We have the honor to state that, we are the member of ‘Reflections’ group have prepared this Mobile Commerce in Bangladesh , the report as a course requirement of your course ‘Management Information System’. We are requesting you to receive the report.
We have done our level best to complete the report with our little experience and knowledge. We are apologizing for any kinds of errors and mistakes. We will be delighted to clarify any queries regarding the report.

Yours faithfully
Members of the group
(Md. Shaydul Islam), ID. 09
(Uddipan Chakma), ID. 12
(Md. Rukunujjaman), ID.26
MBA, 30/b
Dhaka International University



M-commerce or Mobile Commerce refers to wireless electronic commerce used for conducting commerce or business through a handy device like cellular phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs). In other words it is the ability to conduct commerce using a mobile device, such as a mobile phone, a Personal digital assistant (PDA), a Smartphone, or other emerging mobile equipment .It is the next generation wireless e-commerce that needs no wire and plug-in devices. Mobile commerce is usually called as 'm-Commerce' in which…...