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1. Situation Analysis:

1. Current Situation- Market Analysis:
Currently we don’t have any competitors. Because, we are the only one in this business.
There are an increasing amount of families who have become dependent on two incomes, which has created the necessity of the child care industry. There are over 10 facilities in the area that provide similar services to Rainbow Day Care Center, each of these has a large client base, and a lucrative business. There is no doubt that there is room in the market for a high-quality child care facility.

2. Target Market:
The camp quest summer camp is targeting two specific customer group, the middle to upper class, and two income professional families. This group of families has tend to learn their child with different activities. These groups has the money for child care, and are willing to spend a little extra to get a higher level of care by summer camp.
So our target customer is teenagers who belong to 15 to 18 years old children.

a. Middle Class: Middle class people, the largest part of our society are always in a move to change their life style. With the increase in income level, these people are demanding quality care services in our country and Camp quest summer camp Center would be committed to fulfill the desire of parents through proper care and share with their children in their physical and mental development through adventure.

b. Upper Class: Upper class population of our nation can easily afford our summer camp services for their child. They are very much concerned to get quality services and to provide best guidance to their children.

3. Market Needs: The camp quest summer camp Center will fulfill the following benefits that are important to their customers:
a. Selection: We will complete service to teenagers 12 to 16.
b. Accessibility: It will be located at Gazipur and time for one month.
c. Customer service: The camp quest summer camp will treat the customer that they are important. We will also train up our employees.
d. Competitive pricing: It’s price reasonable.

4. Industry Structure:

The camp quest summer camp Center depends on the founder, staffs, silent partner, Campus Director and VP of Education Operations for management in the following roles:

The owners of this day care are: sabit zaman, kashpia munim chowdhury, samon hossain, Md sazzad and …………………… All the owners are from different areas. President- Sabit Zaman, He has higher degree of commerce. Extensive experience with budgeting methodologies and strategic planning, including the Balanced Scorecard approach Industry Consultant- Kashpia Munim Chowdhury,He was the ex-partnet of Methenda day care center in Cork,Ireland.He has vast knowledge on handling day care center.

Financial Officer-Saymon hossain: He will be responsible for taking industry’s every kind of financial decision. Industry Director – Md Sajjad. He will be responsible for daily operations, curriculum oversight and management of all instructors, caregivers and tutors.

Quality Manager: ……………She will be responsible for total quality of service care. She was the quality controller of Dublin baby day care service for 20 years.

We will start our start our business on December 4, 2014.It will be located on Gazipur, vawal forest. We will also thinking to expand the organization on Chittagong and sylhet

Company locations:
Territory Branches
Dhaka (Main Branch),Dhanmondi,Motejheel and Mirpur DOHS (Proposed)

1. Market Trends:
The market trend in child care center is an increased utilization of child care by parents. This is fueled by the parent’s desire to go back to work generating income for the family. While this trend fuels the need for more general child care facilities, it also generates demand for facilities that offer child development. As the parents are spending less and less time with the children, they have less time to help them develop. The trend is moving demand away from solely babysitting child care to child development care. This will benefit The Rainbow Day Care Center because we offer state of the art learning systems.

5. Market Growth:
The industry is estimated to grow at 15% for the next two years. This growth can be primarily attributed to parents going back to work, creating two income households. These parents need a service provider to care for their children, and more parents are turning to child care services as opposed to a babysitter.

6. Competitions and Market Share: Through we are first time in Bangladesh so currently we don’t have any competitor’s. And it can be said, undoubtly that we are going to grasp the total market share. 7. Competitor’s Strength and Weakness:

Main Competitors:

a. Maya Day Care:
Strengths: Already established in market.
Weaknesses: May not appeal to customers of middle class. Unlicensed facility.

b. Flora Church Day Care:
Strength: Taking all the customers of Christian region.
Weaknesses: Just focusing on Christian.

c. Kid Day Care:
Strength: Already established in area. Give tuitions with child care services.
Weaknesses: Location – outside of middle-income market.

Current Situation-Macro Environment:

1. Economy:
In the context of foreign country the summer camp service has an important role in the economy. And we must say that it will also have a vast role in our economy. i. Change in lifestyle of population ii. Economic climate iii. Increase of product variety in the market

2. Legal:
Nowadays it is important to make legality for this kind of service oriented business. It is important for the legal entity of our summer camp. Our camp quest summer camp has legally enlisted in government list.

3. Government:
Bangladesh government has thrown some rules and regulation towards summer camp. Under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, we had to make license of summer camp and paid all charge.

4. Technology:

Since the company founder has an extensive Information Technology background, it's only natural that The Rainbow Day Care Center will employ and maintain the latest technology to enhance its curriculum, office management systems, payment processing and record keeping.

5. Ecological: The environment of our summer camp is affection like mother love. We will provide a program of experience an appropriate match for the child's current level of cognitive, social, and emotional organization

6. Socio-Cultural: Socio cultural environment make bonds. Our summer camp center will teach the children of our socio cultural activities. And the playing materials also organized as like it expresses our culture.

7. Supply Chain:

The supply chain is a process of longer channel stretching from raw materials to finished products carried to final buyer.
As owner of a day care, we will buy the infrastructure of summer camp centers. Employees will train them by hiring some foreign professionals, who are still related to a summer camp. Also our some owners have sound knowledge in day care, they will also train them.

2. Current Situation-Internal:

8. Company Resources:

a. Financial: As this is a partnership business, so we all the members have invested equally. At beginning we invested 50 lakh taka individually. We also take 2 core taka loans from the bank. It will be returnable by my installment of 15 years. It is a 5 core taka’s business.

b. People: At first we will start with 55 employees. 25 female employees, they will always take care the children. 10 teachers, they will teach them. 2 Doctor and 4 nurses always is there for any kind of accident.10 employees for other respective.2 Chef and 3 of their secretary, 4 drivers and 5 security guards.

c. Time: Firstly we will appoint all the employees for our first season camp, after their performance we will extend their job time line or fire them.

d. Skill: Most of the male employee, who will teach the children. We will make them highly qualified and experienced. If needed we will send them foreign country for extra skill and knowledge

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