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Title of Presentation - Social media as a marketing platform – The pros and cons
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Facebook has built a reach and target driven engagement platform with a user base that is just phenomenal. For the quarter ending March 2012, the social network – that is available globally in more than 70 languages – reported a monumental 901 million monthly users, an increase of 33% compared to the same period last year. Roughly 80% of these users are based out of the US and Canada.
On any given month, averages of 526 million users are active on the website. During March 2012, on average 398 million users were active with Facebook on at least six out of seven days. Further, Facebook is home to more than 125 billion friend connections. Facebook users posted 300 million photos every day and generated 3.2 billion likes and comments per day during the last quarter (, 2012).
In fact, Facebook has witnessed extraordinary growth in terms of users accessing it through mobile. Despite the irony that Facebook was late to market with a dedicated mobile app, its 500 million mobile users speak volumes for growth prospects.
With access to this wealth of data, Facebook is in a unique position to collaborate with its partners by giving them access to demographic information based on login credentials. By leveraging these capabilities, Facebook might eventually succeed in creating an advertising network that is as deep rooted as present day television networks.
But for that, from being a mere website, Facebook will have to become the Internet, which for many, it still is. Imagine which marketer would be foolish enough to ignore the prospect of directly communicating with almost a…...