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Job Evaluation: Assistant Professor - Salary and Wages
Clifton’s information seemed to cover most everything. Here is a little extra data that might be helpful. For the 2011-2012 academic year, the following universities paid their assistant professors as follows: Harvard - $ 109,800; Princeton - $94,200; Yale - $89,700; University of Alabama - $67,500.
Job Description: Assistant Professor
The assistant professor is an entry level position that for most will hopefully lead toward associate professor and eventually into becoming a full professor. The responsibilities of the assistant professor vary greatly, often depending on the type of department they are currently in. Some of general tasks the position is often responsible for are developing and maintaining new instructional methods, guiding and directing research scholars in their research projects, as well as managing teaching assistants. While assistant professors often conduct much less research than full professors, there is still an expectation of their engagement in research projects as well as publishing their findings in reputable academic books or journals. In regards to specific daily tasks, assistant professors will help grade papers and tests, prepare classroom lessons and lab experiments, and of course supporting their supervisor professor in needed areas. Assistant professors are expected to be proficient in verbal communication; public speaking as well as active listening. Critical thinking is another value that assistant professors should exhibit along with inductive and deductive reasoning.

Job Structure Clifton’s report included all three positions for the structure. Please let me know if you need me to add anything else in this.

Job Structure for Professor Job title | Job content | Qualification requirements | Max. employment period | Positions | Assistant professor | Research and research-based teaching | PhD level | Max. four years | Associate professor | Research and research-based teaching | Assistant professorship/postdoc/researcher level or similar. Must have received educational training | Generally unlimited in time | Professor | Research and research-based teaching. Possibly research-based public sector consultancy | Original international-level scientific production, developing academic area, ability to head research activities | As a main rule unlimited in time | | | | | | | | |

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