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Assisted Sucide

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Assisted Suicide

Dr. Wendy Whitner

Health care Policy, Law and Ethnic-HSA 515

June 12, 2011

1. Explain how the Patient Bill of Rights applies to this case. Nurse Nancy is violating the Patient Bill of Rights because Mrs. Jones did not make her own decision to end her life as a form of treatment. Mrs. Jones has the right to be involved in every aspect of treatment and can refuse treatment at any time. The patient is expecting reasonable continuity of care even though she might die. The patient’s doctor is supposed to inform Mrs. Jones if her condition is worsening and if she needs to seek different treatment options. Nurse Nancy did not ask the patient if she wanted to die, she just assumed because the patient is very ill that she may want to end her life. 2. Identify and explain at least three ethical considerations. Ethically it is a nurse’s job to help the doctor preserve a patient’s life. However, Nurse Nancy is the one that is with Mrs. Jones more and sees the drastic effect that the cancer has taken on her. Nurse Nancy has compassion for Mrs. Jones and knows that she is suffering from cancer, so to alleviate the pain she wants to help her end her life. Nurse Nancy needs to ask Mrs. Jones if she wants to die early because of her status as a single mom. In the event that Mrs. Jones does want Nurse Nancy to help her end her life she will need to make preparations for the care of child. Secondly, is it right for nurse Nancy to try and play GOD and end Mrs. Jones life? How does she know that she won’t get better? There may be new treatment that Mrs. Jones can try to help her live a few more years for her child’s sake. “There is a difference between passive and active killing and what nurse Nancy wants to do is considered active killing. Passive killing is a patient refusing treatment that leads to…...

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