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Assisted Sucide

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Even though people have the right to live and die at their own rate. Is it okay to kill

Someone because they are ill or sick? People should live out their final days without

The help of killing them. It gives people the option to kill people without merit or

Notion. It is considered murder by most if a person help kills someone with their


Helping the terminally ill

At what point does a person with cancer or HIV have the right to end their lives with

The assistance of euthanasia from a doctor or nurse. It is often the someone have the

The right to tell someone to kill them. The pain and suffering will be great on both

Ends of the spectrum with any family member. It can be so much suffering on the

Person wanting to end their life to prevent anymore pain. The pain from the actually

Act of killing someone can be a great issue for all involved. The quality of life in the

End stages of cancer and other diseases can be awfully bad. When you are dying from

An illness such as cancer, end stage kidney disease, end stage heart failure, and so on,

Ending your life in a painless manner with professional assistance is a very dignified

Way to die. Is there a way for someone to past away peacefully in their sleep without

Someone helping to go to the other side? Everyone should have the right to die in a

Fashionably way with complete respect. Respect and dignity should be a honorable

Reflection of a person’s wishes to die in such a humane or inhumane way.

Past Away Peacefully

How often would a person like to die in their sleep? It is never etch in stone that

Someone will die in their sleep. People who die in their sleep may have some

Assistance from outsourced areas in the society. Respect and honor should play

A major part in which a person should be allowed to die peacefully. No one...

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