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Assisted Suicide Legalized

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Ever since 1972 when the US Senate held the first national hearing on euthanasia (assisted suicide), six states have legalized assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is a process in which, if a terminally ill adult chooses, a doctor will legally prescribe a lethal dose of barbiturates to end its life. Consequently, a direct result of the legalization of assisted suicide is the abuse of its power. Therefore, the U.S. government should illegalize assisted suicide in all 50 states to protect its citizens from abuse.

First and for most, assisted suicide puts those with disabilities at risk of abuse. Rhoda Olkin, Professor at the California School of Professional Psychology, states “People without disabilities judge the quality of the lives of people
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If assisted suicide becomes legalized, that's exactly what we would see. In fact, according to Ian Dowbiggin, Ph.D. Biography, “In 1915 Dr. Haiselden Allows Deformed Baby Boy to Die Rather Than Give Him Possibly Lifesaving Surgery.” This shows because a doctor abused its power, a baby unnecessarily lost its life. Similarly, Anthony Boadle wrote in an article, “Dr. Virginia Soares de Souza has been charged with 7 counts of murder and may have killed 300 patients in order to, reportedly, “free-up” beds.” This further proves, if doctors are allowed to exercise God-like authority many unnecessary and unwanted assisted suicide may …show more content…
Actually, this was the case for a resident in California who was trying to get her insurance to cover her chemotherapy. After months of fighting, her insurance finally agreed to cover her treatment. However, according to the Washington Post, "But shortly after California’s End of Life Option Act... went into effect, Ms. Packer’s insurance company had a change of heart.” In other words, they would rather pay for her death, than pay more money and potentially extend her life. In a similar fashion, according to the Washington Times, "Dr. Callister tried to transfer two patients to California and Oregon for procedures not performed at his hospital. Representatives from two different insurance companies denied those transfer requests by phone, he said. ‘And in both cases, the insurance medical director said to me, ‘Brian, we’re not going to cover that procedure or the transfer, but would you consider assisted suicide?’” This shows that if assisted suicide were legal insurance companies would have too much power over their clients thus resulting in many unnecessary and unwanted assisted

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