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I. The Asthma Condition
A. What is Asthma?
1. Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways in the lungs.
II. Asthmatic Symptoms
A. Shortness of Breath
B. Difficulty breathing while exercising
C. Wheezing
D. Always Coughing
III. Causes of Asthma
A. Airway Constriction
B. Inflammation
IV. Diagnosis of Asthma
A. Medical History
B. Physical Exam
C. Lung Tests
V. Treatment Options
A. Medicine
1. Preventative Asthma Medications
a. INHALED CORTICOSTEROIDS (ICSs) which improve lung function, prevent asthma symptoms and reduce reliance on a quick-relief inhaler.
b. LONG-ACTING BETA2-AGONISTS (LABAs) which when used regularly, these long-lasting bronchodilators help reduce airway constriction, improve lung function, prevent symptoms, and reduce the need for a quick-relief inhaler.
2. Quick-Relief Asthma Medications
a. SHORT-ACTING BETA2-AGONISTS (SABAs) which is a quick acting rescue medication that helps relax the muscles surrounding the airways. They act within minutes to relieve sudden symptoms caused by asthma triggers.
b. SYSTEMIC CORTICOSTEROIDS which work to reverse the inflammation, speed recovery, and help reduce the chances of these symptoms repeating.
B. Delivery Devices
1. Dry Powder Inhaler
2. Metered-Dose Inhaler
3. Spacers
4. Nebulizers
VI. Asthma Prevention
A. Avoiding Asthma Triggers
1. Know what the triggers are and how to prevent them
B. Quitting Smoking
C. Flu Shot
VII. Contributing Environmental Risk Factors
A. Also called triggers
1. Molds
2. Pollen
3. Dust Mites
4. Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke
5. Pesticides
6. Animal Dander
VIII. Controllable and Uncontrollable Risk Factors of Asthma
A. Controllable Examples
1. Second-Hand Smoke
a. Can be avoided in the home by making it strictly…...