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Athenia Brewery Tselentis Iakovos

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Athenian Brewery public limited company.
A Greek Brewery is the biggest company of beer production and sales in Greece. It was founded in 1963 by Greek entrepreneurs and is a member of the Heineken N.V. international group.
Some Historical facts: * 1965: Creation of the first Factory in Athens and introduction of Amstel Beer in Greek Market. * 1975: New factory was created in Thessaloniki * 1981: Introduction of Heineken in Greek market. * 4 years later 1985: New factory in Patra * In early 90s 1990-1993: Introduction of Buckler in Greek market * 1993: Introduction of natural mineral water IOLI and bottling factory in Lamia * 1999-2000: Brands Fischer and ALFA were introduced by Athenian Brewery in Greek market * In the Last decade: Athenian Brewery introduced Amstel Pulse, 5liter Heineken barrel, Krusovice, Moretti, Tiger and Amstel Pils.
Besides the factories referred there are more logistic hubs and branch offices scattered throughout Greece. In the map we can see the cities which they are located.

As for the logistics:
Athenian Brewery uses a 3rd party logistics company to carry out its logistics inside the country and Cyprus, Synergy public limited company. The 3rd party provider is a firm that provides services to its customers for part, or all of their supply chain management functions.
The peculiarity of the project is that there are different shapes and types of products to be transferred (including the marketing material such as signs, posters, can openers, glasses etc.), also the areas sometimes is hard to access, for example isolated beaches in islands at which the products must be delivered on time.
As said by the Sales Audit & POS (point of sale) Manager the project was hard, all the affiliated parties had to be trained in order to meet the high standards of the project. The outcome was a product of many...

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