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Athens Vs. Sparta

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Classical Age:
Historical Inquiry: Athens vs. Sparta

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General Resources:

Greek Citizenship:

Since Greece was not a unified country traditions and laws about citizenship varied. In most city-states, male citizens were involved in such shared civic responsibilities as jury duty or military service in time of war. Every polis had resident aliens, foreign merchants, and others, and on occasion, those people would be made citizens; however, that eventuality was rare. Some women might’ve
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“Someone might say that they ought not to let everyone speak on equal terms and serve on the council, but rather just the cleverest and finest. Yet their policy is also excellent in this very point of allowing even the worst to speak. For if the good men were to speak and make policy, it would be splendid for the likes of themselves, but not so for the men of the people. But, as things are, any wretch who wants to can stand up and obtain what is good for him and the likes of himself. . .”

This piece of evidence states that many people only want the cleverest and the finest people to speak and serve on the council, but the problem with that is that the policies made would be good for the men who made it, but the other men who aren’t the council would not like the policies that were
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One way is that both forms of democracy had evolved over time. At first, in Athens, only men had rights, and in the United States, only white men had rights. As time went on, the Athenian democracy evolved and laws gave women some rights. The United States eventually gave colored men rights, and then eventually gave rights to women as well. Another way the Athenian democracy is similar to the United States democracy is that they both had a council and an assembly. In the United States the councils and assemblies are the Congress and the President. In Athens, the council proposed laws, and were then accepted or vetoed by the council. Similarly, the United States has the Congress, in which they propose the laws, and once they are accepted, the president will then accept or veto the law. If the Congress proposes a law that they do not all agree with, then the law does not get passed on to the president to veto or accept. The last way that the Athenian democracy is similar to the democracy of the United States is that the people can be involved in the government. In Athens, the citizens could vote for laws and in the United States, the citizens can vote for their presidents and

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