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Atonement Analysis Essay

Briony Tallis was a 13-year-old girl who wanted to be a writer. She is bossy, noisy, and a control freak. She was the youngest of three. She has an older sister Cecilia and an older brother Leon. Robbie is the gardener who she has a crush on. Lola is her cousin with the twin brothers who is from out of town. Briony in many instances misinterprets mostly everything and these misunderstanding ruined the life of people she cares the most about. Briony was a very noisy, sneaky and conniving. After finding Cecilia and Robbie playing in the backyard, she became very cautious of their relationship. Briony had read the letter that Robbie asked her to give to Cecilia. Briony tried to convince Robbie to save her if she had drowned. Briony did not tell the truth about what really happened. Briony caught her sister and Robbie in the office having sex, and she became real upset. She thought that Robbie was hurting her and he also was a sex maniac. When her cousin Lola was raped by who she know was (Paul Marshall) she automatically accused Robbie. Briony betrayed her sister by getting the letter that was written by Robbie and gave it to the investigators. Forcing him to stay in jail or go into the army destroyed Robbie life and medical career. Years later Cecilia became a nurse. Briony was in nursing training school. During this time she wrote lots of drafts to the movie. After five years Briony wanted to tell the truth to the family. Briony attended Lola and Paul Marshall wedding. Briony was memorizing about the rape incident and pictured Paul as the suspect. Now that Lola is married to her rapist she cannot testify against him. Robbie had wanted Briony to confess to her family and write a letter giving the truth of who raped Lola. June 1940, Briony missed her visit with her sister because she stated she was a coward to face her. Briony was never forgiven for what she had done. Briony was left all alone. The On June 1, 1940, Robbie died, on last day of evacuation. Things were never settled between Briony and Cecilia. Cecilia was killed on the fifthteen of October 1940 in a water flood. The life that Cecilia and Robbie had worked hard for and deserved never happened. Briony stated she gave them their happiness by her finishing her first and last novel. Briony also finished the novel because she was dying of vascular demensia.

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