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Introduction * Current business environment: Responsible business is good business
Both of us used to consider that if we become rich someday, what we can do or do something significant after I read some articles on corporate social responsibility. It is true that most of great companies always contribute to their wealth and to overall societal wealth by considering the effective on their employee, customers, the environment they existed, they competitors, shareholders and others to maximum the both wealth and improve their overall value when they making the decision in the current world. Not only consider about the money any more, they’ve move the main point to the both sides.

Most of great companies are move their strategies on the understanding of the relationship between responsible business and good business. The external investors and market will measure the company’s strategies and performance based on their corporate social responsibility.

It is a good approach that the CSR activities will help the company to build an effectively relationship with their customers and employees to acting responsibly towards then both of them will create more and more additional value for the company’s shareholders, stakeholders, and overall sides of company.

Somehow, the company need to working close with their stakeholders to better develop their innovative and economically viable products, processes and services in order to improved environmental protection and social conditions to share their own wealth with each other.

It is very hard to make a long- term success that is based on lots of confused relationship between entity and individual, most of the management of company concern about the external factors(environmental challenges, or governance problems) and internal factors (employee’s performance and financial problem) during their decision-making...

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