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Attachment Paper

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Attachment Paper
Maria Salsberry
June 1, 2015
Tanya Semcesen

Attachment Paper
According McLeod (2009) Mary Ainsworth describes, “ as an affectional tie that one person or animal forms between himself and another specific one, a tie that binds them together in space and endures over time”. John Bowlby suggests that there is a direct correlation between the emotional and cognitive development in children and the relationship with their mother. Bowlby further believes the child’s inability to adjust relates to the early separation form he/she’s mother (McLeod, 2009). Developing secure attachment in a child starts the day they are born and continues to develop through the toddler years.
Behaviors in Children Securely Attached
From 0-2 months is the pre-attachment period and the behaviors are the cries, sucking, and babbling needed to achieve their mother’s attention. 2-6 months attachment starts to develop as he/she recognizes known figures they begin to cling, grasp, and vocalize their preference of their mother. 6 -11 months the toddler clearly knows who their caregiver is and begins to uncomfortable when strangers are around or when caregiver leaves the room. Children 11-18 months are relaxed and secure when their parent or caregiver is around and become upset and anxious when they leave. Upon their parents return they will seek comfort from their caregiver when contact is initiated with positive behavior (Positive-Parenting-Ally Practical Advice & Deep Insights, n.d.).
Behaviors in Children Insecurely Attached
Insecure attachment will be present in one of three patterns. The first is Avoidance Attachment; these toddlers display little response when the caregiver is present. When the parent leaves the child is not affected and responds to strangers with the same behavior. The Next is Resistant Attachment; the child in this category stays…...

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