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Attention Span

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An individual’s attention span is the length of time one can focus on something before becoming bored or overloaded with information. That amount of time varies from person to person and depends on the type of activity. A person likely to have a longer attention span while doing an active, hands-on project then listening passively to a presentation. People also more likely to pay attention and concentrate longer while being entertained than being taught. The traditional way of teaching students in this modern era is no longer effective. Due to the fast transition from books to online libraries posted on the board to PowerPoint presentations, teachers are having a difficulty in catching the students’ attention. Their attention doesn’t only depend on the modern techniques but it also depends on their age and personality. As in group or a class on can seek full attention by having fun and through enjoyable activities before the start of the class. Activities should not be repetitive and lame because students get bored when same things are being asked for them to do. Attention problems consists of the difficulty that some students have in working for extended periods of time or the trouble that they have focusing on a subject or an activity for even a short period of time. In this case, teachers are adjusting to their students’ needs. Also, teachers can consider motivational strategies.
Make the students interested through self-motivation like for example, rewarding them with extra points and credits. With this, teachers can take hold of their attention and at the same time it can uplift their self-confidence; this will mark as their achievement and as an effect it will make them want more and will do good in class as well. Either Mental or Physical activities can help before the formal lesson. Physical activities are much fun to do and easily make someone awake, with...

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