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Attitudes Towards Ethnicity

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The aim of my research is to find out the attitudes of the young/old male and female to other ethnic groups. Ethnicity is very valuable idea which refers to the common culture of a social group, such as language, religion, styles of dress, food, shared history and experiences. However, an ethnic group is a group of people who share a common culture, for example the Irish, the Poles, Asians and African-Caribbeans etc. I hope to find out the following: • The ethnic group which attract most prejudice? • Young or older people have more/less prejudice?

To test my hypothesis, I will use Quantitative data method which refers to anything that can be expressed in a statistical or number form or can be measured i.e age, income, qualifications and is usually presented in form of graphs, pie charts, bar charts etc. The advantage of quantitative data, is that data is easy collect and easy to count and visualize.

Since the data collected will be in number form I hope achieve its reliability which is concerned with replication.

A survey involves the sociologist in systematically gathering information about a group of people and is done using questionnaires or interviews and the first step is to select a group of people to be studied and this group is called survey population. Considering time limits in my research, I will use a sample which simply means a small group drawn from a survey population to be studied. To generalize my survey to the whole population and to make my sample representative, I will carryout a quota sampling were I the “interviewer” will select the respondents who fit into certain categories like age, male, female etc and in my case I have categorised my survey population in this format.

My research method in collecting date will be using questionnaires, these are printed lists of questions to be filled in either personally...

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