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Attrition and Retention

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The existence of a national and perhaps global nursing shortage is clearly understood and continues to threaten healthcare practice, policy, and patient outcomes. A fundamental and largely misunderstood hemorrhage within the professional nursing pipeline is the significant student nurse retention and attrition rates reported by associate and baccalaureate schools of nursing. In a 2005 study by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, attrition from associate degree nursing programs is approximately 22%. A Canadian study of baccalaureate nursing programs finds and reports an alarming attrition rate of between 20% and 40% (Bolan and Grainger, 2005). The retention of students in nursing programs continues to be a major challenge for nurse educators and deans of nursing programs (Wells, 2003). Taylor (2005) reports the issue of student attrition is maintaining a high profile across the higher education sector and is a key concern for those delivering nurse education. In as much as it is impossible to bear quality fruit without plentiful and quality seeds, it is impossible to cultivate and educate student nurses if attrition and retention are not checked. If the desire for American healthcare is to remain the strongest and most competent in the world we must understand, explore and remedy the mitigating factors driving the student nurse attrition rate.
Purpose Statement
The purpose of this research study is to determine the relationship between undergraduate nursing school attrition, for junior and senior nursing students, at Coppin State University and two variables: Financial support and flexibility of Class Schedules.

Statement of the Problem Current literature is awash with studies investigating the rational and mechanisms inherent in the dynamic of nursing school attrition. Many theories have been suggested,…...

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