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Audi Keynote

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Audi Keynote
Technology has come a long way from smartphones, robots, 3D printing, cars and wearables. Audi keynote was held at CES Asia and consisted of forward thinking entrepreneur. Audi keynote was held for 3 days, they had 14 product categories, and over 200 exhibitors. The vision of technology has advance so far that cars are becoming too much for cars. As spoken by Mr. Gray,” Get change or be the driver of change.”
According to Mr.Demeo, “Technology will always be at your service and support.” Partnering with leaders of automotive and consumer electronics to create to relaxing, time saving and convenient car from Audi. This idea and mind set has led Audi to design the Audi A8 will a self-driving feature. With trying to manage your every day to day car situations and still operate your vehicle, which can be dangerous and will majority of the time lead to an accident. 1.2 million People have fatal car accidents nationwide, out of that 9% was caused by human error. With the new creation of Self Driving cars, this will help eliminate that 9% of human accident errors. This will provide a safer, convince, and more effective environment for today’s world.
Audi can be considered the fastest and most powerful with 5000 semi-conductors. Such high level of conductors will enable cars to be able to send and receive data. It also allows the car to connect to the world using internet. . This company’s partners with 400 dealers to allow Audi to get their customers feedback to understand and meet the need of their buyers. With the use of technical visuals into motional premiums products, Audi has been able to fulfil all of their customers’ demands. Consumers demanded dashboard friendly applications and they got it; Audi partnered with apple to create an iCar app to cater to their iPhone buyers. Fulfilling the customers’ needs is the mission of Audi.
Audi will be considered to be a digital device and will be the future. By 2017 Audi wants to have their first self-driving car on the road. They will have that invention implanted into the Audi A8 .With technology advancing so fast 2020 will have 50% of the world will be based on technology. Letting the system take control can be safe, convenient, and more effective. So with this conclusion, I bring you back to “Get change or be the driver of change “.

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