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Memo Date: 10 July 2012
Subject: Audience Analysis for How to Eat Maryland Blue Crabs

The purpose of this memo is to describe and analyze the primary, secondary and tertiary audience for the “Maryland Blue Crabs-How to Pick ‘Em and Eat ‘Em” instruction manual.
The target audience for the instruction manual will be categorized in three groups; primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary audience is intended to be people who have never “picked” or eaten a Maryland Blue Crab. The secondary audience consists of people that may be familiar with eating crabs but are only interested in the technique being taught. The tertiary audience would consist of people whom are not necessarily looking to pick up the manual and eat crabs but may look at the manual simply in passing.
Primary Audience:
This audience will be individuals who are new to or visiting Maryland that has an interest in eating this Chesapeake Bay delicacy. Tourists, new Maryland residents or other individuals from the area that have a newly developed interest in crabs are grouped in this category. Tourists are individuals who are not from this area and are likely to be visiting or passing through Maryland. New residents are also part of the prime audience along with current residents of Maryland both who have decided to enjoy what is such a big tradition of the state. With Maryland designating the blue crab as the State Crustation, when individuals visit, “picking crabs” is on the top of the list for “things to do”. The audience in this category is very wide, they could range from any age level, any educational level and could be from any part of the world. Many of these individuals have only seen pictures of crabs and from those photos they may have developed a fear simply because of the crabs’ appearance. While some are fearful, there are others who are excited to learn...

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