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Field Study Journal #5
The last week of my internship has been a very busy and at times stressful week. Two of the current interns are leaving the company, including myself, and two new interns are joining the company. Most people might envision their last week at a job as being very laid back and relaxing with not much work being done. My last week has been a very hectic and busy week compared to what most people imagine. One of the new interns began working less than two weeks ago and I find myself spending a significant amount of time helping him settle in. I have several responsibilities in helping him prepare for our busy season which is less than two months away. Everyone who works within the Risk Advisory Services department must learn to input his or her time into both programs that we use. The first program is called ‘Kronos’ which is simply used to log how many hours an individual worked in a given week. The purpose of the second program that we use is to allocate the amount of time worked on each project. By tracking everyone’s hours per project, management can use this information to assist them in planning the audits in the following year.
Another important piece of information that I was able to share with the new intern was related to communication with all of the different business process owners. Most of the requests that must be made for testing support are made by interns. I spent nearly thirty minutes with the new intern showing him how to properly send a request and also gave him several important tips to keep in mind. One thing that I stressed to him was that most of the people you will be emailing will never have the opportunity to meet you, therefore, you must make a good impression over email. The most common mistakes I have seen in emails sent by emails include starting the email with ‘Hey’ instead of ‘Hi’, and also using the phrase ‘I was...

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